Keith Richards, JH guitar straps
Hank Williams Jr, JH guitar straps
Elton John, JH guitar straps
Sheryl Crow, JH guitar straps
Taylor Swift, JH guitar straps

When it comes to guitar straps, no-one compares to jeridesigns™! 

We create the world's most beautiful and unique hand-crafted custom guitar straps, as well as

incredible replica guitar straps and our own "off the rack" guitar strap line.


Our top of the line custom guitar straps are worn by today's most popular musicians including Keith Richards, Hank Williams Jr.,

Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift and many, many more.  Elton John even ordered one for his sitcom pilot.  

You'll see our guitar straps on Monday Night Football, numerous music videos and countless concert venues.  

jeri designs™ guitar straps are as distinctive and individual as our clientele. 

JH guitar straps

...guitar straps that rock!

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