For our Jerry Garcia replica guitar strap we start with a super thick piece of heavy duty leather.  Jerry had two versions of this strap, and the leather and style we use is like the first of this version strap that he started wearing in 1973.  The strap is cut to 2.75" wide, with a thinner strap in the front for adjustment.  We've attached the buckle with a strip of leather and Chicago Screws for a secure hold, and oxidized the buckle so it looks like Jerry's did. 

The design allows for about 8 inches of adjustability, but as you get closer to the shortest length, the front tip gets closer to your guitar.  For that reason, we ask for your perfect strap measurement and cut each one of these straps custom order. 

The Garcia straps are in stock, the ends will be custom cut to your measurement and it will ship out right away.

Please measure your current strap from the center of one peg-hole to the center of the other peghole and supply that measurement below.

You will have 4 inches of adust-ability on either side of the measurement you supply.

If you are purchasing this as a gift, please just type "gift" in the text box below and we will create your strap to a standard size and will replace it with the correct size if needed.  The correct size strap will be shipped with a return package for the wrong size within a couple of days.


Jerry Garcia Replica Guitar Strap
PRICE:  $89
Custom Length or Gift