NEIL YOUNG GUITAR STRAP-new antiqued version and denim version

Recently, the original strap that Neil had sewn at first to denim, then to a wider leather guitar strap was re-released, which has allowed us to create a replica strap that is just about exactly like the original.  We take an antiqued version of the re-released straps, remove the plastic backing, then stitch it to a 2.75 inch black leather guitar strap, just like Neil's.  We also create a denim version, which is available on a custom basis.

You can order this guitar strap with the front Peace Signs and Doves running upside down or right side up.  To measure your current guitar strap, lay it out flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  For a bit of history on this strap, scroll down to the photos below!  We usually have a few of these in stock, but give us a couple of days to ship for the standard strap. 

The Denim strap is created custom only, and it's labor intensive ,as we cut up old jeans to look as similar as possible to Neil's strap when it was on denim.  We recommend that you measure your current strap, laid out flat, from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  We're pretty cool about switching out your strap if you purchase the wrong size, but the denim strap is a b*tch to make, so we won't be happy about replacing it with the correct size!

Standard Lengths
Custom Length:

We believe Neil started wearing this woven Ace Peace sign and Dove guitar strap in 1978.  He flipped it upside down and had it sewn to a black leather strap, sometime between the "Smell the Horse" 1991 tour, and the "Harvest Moon" 1992 tour. 
We think he flipped the images upside down in protest of the Gulf War, but we don't know that definitively, so if you know for sure what he was protesting, give us a shout!

The version he still wears is the one we create, and it should be created with the symbols upside down up the front of the strap.  However, we had so many requests for the strap to be created with the symbols right side up, that we offer that on our site now as well, so folks don't have to e-mail the request.  Here's some of the history in photos!