This guitar strap is one of the coolest we've ever seen!  We create an exact replica of Randy Rhoads' pyramid guitar strap thanks to some pretty amazing photos we have of the entire strap.  The thick black leather is cut in the exact design Randy had, and we hand-place nickel silver "pyramid" spots in this killer guitar strap, then we back it with black suede and sew it together!  We've seen other straps at very similar prices that are glued together, which doesn't look good, and simply won't last.  Our Randy Rhoads Pyramid Guitar Strap is created to last a lifetime!   

This strap does not have a lot of adjustability, so it is created on a custom basis.

Please measure your current strap, laid out flat, from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  You will have about 3 inches of adjustability on either side of the number you supply on checkout.

This is a difficult strap to create and it depending on our schedule, it can take us up to 3 weeks to create this strap.

If you need it in a hurry, please contact Jeri at jeri@jeridesigns.com and

she'll be able to give you an idea of our turn-around time!

PRICE: $349

Custom Length: