Here are some "Love Notes" from our customers. 

We receive fan mail every week, so as we update, this page may get very, very long...

Dear Jeri,

Many thanks for the beautiful strap.  Lovely work.

One Love,

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones


 I LOVE MY STRAP!!! IT is awesome and something I will treasure the rest of my days!! And you can tell EVERYBODY I can't thank you enough, it is truly a work of art. I will be hanging it up in my office here at the house to show everybody! When my reality TV show starts filming this week I am going to get a great shot of it for the show!!!!!


 Tanya Tucker

 “When it comes to guitar straps, NOBODY TOUCHES Jeri!”

Hank Williams Jr.

Jeri - OK where do I start? - So far I have received three incredible custom guitar straps from you. All are equally amazing and I will be adding more. As the collection of guitars is large I need to come up with some more challenging ideas. A quick note... For anyone who plays the guitar you MUST!! have a strap made by Jeri - make it your own or look at her available inventory. For all you people out there who don't play the guitar pick one up and LEARN IT !! just so you can have one made by Jeri .......
Ken Wood - NY Dead Head

Hey Jeri! 

Wow....I got the strap, and it looks amazing. I so appreciate how quickly and how hard you worked to make it the way I needed it.

I thought the packaging was quite a nice touch as well, you obviously care a great deal about what you do, it is impressive and I will spread the word!

 Much Appreciation,

 Kristyn Osborn



The strap you made for the CMA show was spectacular !!

Thank you for supporting the girls !!!!

 Mark Jones Management


Hey Jeri,

They love your straps, great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, that is Sir Elton John with your strap!

Bobby Thomas

Touchstone Television

Hey Sweetie,

I'm up to my elbows in usual!! Trying to get ready for the ACM's next week. I'm presenting an award and I'm up for Top New Artist as well.

I love the design and width of my strap! I LOVE the strap! Thanks so much!! Can't wait to wear it on stage!!!

We would love to buy you dinner or lunch if time allows while we're in Vegas. ....if you're gonna be there...

You are such a delight and a blessing to us all. I hope everyone recognizes and admires your talents, skills and above all, your beautiful spirit like we do.

God Bless,

Buddy Jewel

Hey girl!

I just got home, so this is the first time to see the straps...brilliant...can't wait to put them to work! Hey when you go big time with this thing and it's TV commercial time, give me the first shot at writing your theme song...theme will be "I can't wait to wrap you around me...”

You're a goddess...fantastic ...I’ll see you down the road!


Steve Azar  

Hello Jeri,

How are you? I am in Molokai, Hawaii and I received your strap. I love it! Did I tell you I love it? I really love it! It is

here with me and will get some play time on the show I am sure. Several people have asked me where I got it and I gladly told them. Thank you!

Let`s stay in touch and I will keep spreading the word about Jeri Hart, to anyone who remotely seems to own a guitar or a pair of pants that needs a belt.


Rocco Wachman

(“Cowboy U” on Country Music Television)


 Your strap rocks my world! It is so comfortable! Everyone who has seen it has commented on how incredible it is!

 Thanks again!

 David Karns

Hi Jeri,
I got the strap last week.  I had my wife bring it to me here in London. Incredible work.  You are a true artist. 
Love ya
Chip Shearin


The gorgeous strap arrived today. And I'm frankly blown away at trueartistic workmanship… It is so lush and tasteful. Not an easy feat to pull off.

Love and Light,

Michael Trossman

Rock and Roll Artist

Oh my, she's a beauty!! Absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't be happier....without doubt the best money that I have spent this year. I really am blown away by how fantastic this strap is an absolute work of art......I shall have to find a reason to get another one made soon as this entire process was utterly delightful!
Thank you so much
Justine Roddick

I just received my strap and it is incredible! As David Lee Roth says - it's not whether you win or lose but how good you look! (on stage)

Thanks and I'm sure I'll be working with you again.

Ron Cook

My strap is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much!!  It is a perfect fit and so comfortable to wear.  I expected it to be great but this is so much better than I expected.  Thanks for all your time and dedication to it, I'm so grateful.  Thanks again, you've done great work and I'll be sure to spread the word about your great straps.

 Once again, thanks so much!!!

 Richard Snowdon


The strap arrived today and exceeded all my expectations.  It goes especially well with the 'sparkle' type scratch plate on my Fender 'Texas Special', especially with the strap locks fitted, and has already been admired by a couple of people who came around for a jam after work today.

And if you ever fetch up in Scarborough I think I owe you a pint of beer...

 Bill Black


The strap came today... I must say I love it !!!! It is SO much nicer than the pics you sent, they just didn’t do it justice. My mom who is 76 wants a belt to wear like it....LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this strap so much!  I wish to thank you again for everything.....

Anita Jessie

I just got the guitar strap and I LOVE it! This man that I work with used to have his own custom leather shop here in NYC. He used to make stuff for Mick Jagger and David Bowie... he used to make fringe leather guitar straps. Anyway, he saw it and loved it. he said that it was very, very well made. We were both impressed! The packaging was great too.

You have made this process so easy and fun! thank you for making this 30th b-day so special!

Christine Kim

Dear Jeri,

Joe absolutely loves the strap! It is stunning. Great craftmanship and stellar quality. I thank you for your attention and care.  I believe he will wear the strap for many, many jam sessions and create beautiful music in the days ahead.

Thanks again

Anita Grasso

Hi Jeri,

The strap is absolutely awesome.  I have had a number of comments.  How often does someone comment on a strap?  It's just great.  I will be ordering more.  I also think you might get some belt orders based on what people have said to me.Thanks again; you have been a pleasure to deal with!

All the best,

Denton Clark


Wow!!!!! What a strap!! I LOVE IT!! Fits like a glove and I'm sure I'll have it the rest of my life! (how many things can you say that about?) and from the looks of the quality it will be passed down to many future generations. I'll be telling all my guitar buddies!!

Thank You SO much!!

Best Regards

Thanks Again


AWESOME!!!!!!!   I worship you.  You do absolutely wonderful work.

I will need more work done, in the future. 

Thanks for all the extra effort and time, Jeri.  Reliable and trustworthy businesses are hard to come by.  I'd like to keep all my business with you, and if it's o.k. with you, I'd like to be able to refer people to you.  Talk to ya later.

all the best,

Frank W.

Hey Jeri --Just letting you know that I received the strap today!  The picture did not do it one bit of justice -- and I think it's really awesome!  (mom was impressed too!)  Thanks for all of your hard work! 



 I've never met you or talked to you in person, but my girlfriend Eileen presented me with the most incredible present last night -- a Jeri Hart designed custom strap!  Man, was I floored when I saw it. I wanted to personally thank you for hand crafting and designing such a gorgeous, exquisitely made, guitar strap with Eileen for me.  I love your attention to detail -- the rich tones in the blackened nickel hardware, the care you put in the stitching, and for picking the perfect dye to match the rosewood on my Martin!  I was telling Eileen last night that I felt like a REAL guitar player wearing your strap!  I think I can safely retire my $4.99 nylon strap to the footlocker. 

Thanks for creating something for Eileen and I to cherish together when we perform on stage.  Now we'll need to make one for Eileen's Schecter so we can match! 

 Thanks again Jeri! 


WOW!  The strap is absolutely amazing....Unbelievable...I am blown away. 

Thank you so much.  I wll send pix of Lance with it as soon as I give it to

him tomorrow...I can't wait.  I have shown tons of people and everyone loves


It is really wonderful.....

Many Thanks....

Heather Hughes

Hi Jeri
I received the strap today, and all I can say is AWESOME!!!! I don't know what to say, I'm floored, it's a piece of ART, and some of the finest art I have ever seen! It looks so good I just want to hang it on the wall!
I have to say again, thanks for this amazing strap.
 Thanks so much!!!
...Rich Talbot

Hi Jeri,

Oh my gosh! The straps are perrrrrfect!!!!! Wow! you have out-done yourself. I can't wait to gig with these. Keefer is beside his vegetarian self! I love your straps! The straps are soooo awesome and Keefer and I are over-the-top happy. You made us feel like rock stars!!!!!!

David Rosson


Love it!  Better than I expected-such great quality-lot of thought to the detail. Will look really cool in the pics. Love the label-thanks for signing the strap too.

couldn't be more pleased,

Lucas Martin

Dave (Glover) LOVED the strap!  It's just perfect.   He said it is the best gift anyone has ever given him.   Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job so quickly, I know you worked your ass off.    I will give you a call so we can get together so you can take pictures of it.  THANK YOU and Happy New Year!!!!!!
Maureen Glover

Hi Jeri - my strap arrived today and I am absolutely blown away!!! You are right when you say (on your website) that "unless you already own one of our straps you've most likely never seen a strap of this quality". Not only is it of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, it is absolutely beautiful and everything I was hoping for! The leather is exquisite, to look at and touch - it even smells so wonderful! And the suede is just as special. Amazing job and thanks for the strap that holds my beloved guitar, it is played every day and this just complements it perfectly!!!

Best wishes, Mike

The guitar straps came today! Tim and I both are so excited! We can't believe the quality.... he said it makes his guitar strap look like it came from a dollar store! I LOVE my custom strap and could not have asked for more.... the detail is amazing. I cannot wait to show it off- and Tim loves his snap strap too! We'll be wearing these everywhere and I will definitely order from you in the future.

Thank you so much Jeri!

Hi Jeri

I received the strap yesterday.  It’s beautiful. No doubt,  the quality of your work sets you apart,  right down from the selection of leather,  the super fine stitching, and overall finish. Colour & quality is exactly as it looks on the website Leaves the others for dead.  I’m not a pro – just a keen guitarist (obviously a Hendrix freak) who has a day job & jams to myself at home, and play at the church.  I have a large assortment of cufflinks and neckties for my job,  but if I were a pro guitarist, I’d have a large collection of your guitar straps – they are all tempting,  even the latest one with the Harley tyre treads.

Thanks for delivering the strap.  You have always been very pleasant to deal with,  and the quality of your product rocks.  I’d never heard of your business –  I just did a google search for a Jimi strap that he wore at Isle of Wight as I liked it from my album cover and a few dvd’s of him. I knew someone in the world would be making them. I have saugertines design strap that Jimi wore at Woodstock but it’s only the Planet Waves brand so quite ordinary.  From your website,  it looks like you’re the strap-maker to the rockstars...

 Best regards,


Hi Jeri,

My wife ordered me the Gilmour strap as a wedding present last August.  I have been meaning to mail you for ages, I am so sorry for taking so long.

The strap is AMAZING!!!!  The quality is simply outstanding it was the best wedding present ever, and will be cherished forever!!

Thank you soo much for creating this piece of art for me.   It’s simply perfect.

My very best regards and best wishes,



Just picked up strap from post office - opened it on the spot - couldn't wait until I got home.  Absolutely love it and find myself wanting to give it to him early.  Can't wait to see his reaction!  What a work of art.  I appreciate all your hard work and that of your team, as well.

Not that you need the advertising, but I look forward to passing on your name and my experience.

 Talk soon,


I just received my guitar strap this morning! It's beautiful! Great quality, feels good in the hands and across shoulders. Very very nice strap....should last a lifetime and then some! I am very happy! Thank you so much!
From the moose infested swamps of northern maine,

Hey Jeri, The Neil Young guitar strap arrived and it is fabulous!!! My friend will so dig this and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful product and excellent customer service.

I hope your company is rocking!


Dear Jeri Designs;
I purchased a black X strap a few weeks ago and I'm now planning on trading out all of my straps for ones from Jeri Designs.  I'll do a few at a time, I really like the X strap, the feel and look is the best I've ever seen.
Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.
A Lifelong Customer and independent promoter of Jeri Design Straps.  Send me some extra cards, all my friends at the guitar stores ask about my strap and I"ll pass your information along in Reno, Nevada.




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