Well, if there's anything to say Fuck about, it's Cancer.  We've added these Fuck Cancer guitar straps to our Stock Custom line-up, and we mean it.


We use a thick, gorgeous piece of Black Chap leather, double layered Kidskin overlays, and we can use any color for the ribbon, just type in the color ribbon you want in the text box below. The strap is backed with high quality suede and finished off with our signature adjustment buckle, oxidized Black.


You have the option in the drop down box below to order a custom length.  Please supply your current strap length in the text box, and we'll create yours to order within about a week.  You will have 4 inches of adjustability on either side of the measurement you supply. To measure a current strap, just lay it out flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole. 

If you are purchasing this as a gift, select the "Standard" size below and we will switch it out for you after your gift giving if the size needs be changed.


As with all of our products, this guitar strap is created with top of the line, soft and supple leathers, and is hand-crafted in the US.


Punch larger holes for strap locks?
Custom Length
Custom Ribbon Color