Jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is a replica of the strap Jimi Hendrix wore at the Isle of Wight Festival 3 weeks before his death.  It is the same guitar strap that David Gilmour's wife bought him for his 60th birthday at a Sotheby's Auction. The strap has faded to brown and we believe the lacings were replaced with beige lacings, and the extra shoulder piece Jimi had has seemed to have dissapeared before David Gilmour came to own it.   This guitar strap is hand-crafted with purple suede, brown lacings and a brown leather tip in the front.  The colors of suede has not changed much since Jimi owned this, so we believe this is exactly the color he owned.

There's only 4-5 inches of adjustability in this guitar strap, so we must create it to your specific length.  The length you supply us with will be the middle measurement, and you'll have a couple of inches on either side of that measurement for adjusting. 

Measure your current strap from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping, and don't forget to fill in your custom strap length below!


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