As a long time fan of Penn Jillette, Jeri was beside herself when she got the opportunity to work with him.  He is not just as brilliant and funny as he seems, he's one of the kindest, most thoughtful clients we've ever met.  After working with him, we're all completely enamored with him!

Ok, so keep in mind, we make CUSTOM guitar straps.  That means we craft a one of a kind piece of work based on you, not on us!  You want a strap full of crosses or yin and yang or the religious symbol that means something to you, we'll make it.  You want a strap that says "no god", no problem!

We started out with blank belt leather, and David airbrushed the strap from "heaven to hell".  He airbrushed kidskin flames for each end of the strap.  We then created devils and angels, which were popped right inside the international symbol for "no".  Each element on this strap was handcut, glued, then sewn on the strap, so this strap can be rolled up and smashed into a guitar case a kazillion times, and it will come out looking good as new!

jeri hart custom guitar straps