We offer an incredible, gorgeous python guitar strap at a great price! We create this guitar strap in either 2.25" widths, or 3" widths.  We layer the python skin over a sturdy but supple belt leather that we have softened with our own top-secret process!  We back it with high quality suede and add our own signature adjustment buckle.  Due to the nature of variations in snakeskin design, this photo is representative of what the straps will looks like, they will all vary slightly, but we promise they are all gorgeous.  We make these straps to order and it usually takes us about a week to have yours shipped out.  You can choose our Regular or Long length, or you can have us cut it to a custom length.  If you want a custom length, lay your current strap flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  We use the measurement you give us as the middle adjustment measurement, and you will have 4 inches of adjustability on either side of the measurement you give us.

Python Skin Guitar Strap 2.25 Inches Wide: $160

Custom Length