We hand-select our python skins for our Randy Rhoads Python guitar strap, in order to get the pattern as close as possible to Randy's.  We use thick, beautiful, perfect skins to create the perfect guitar strap, and for the Randy Rhoades replica, we cut the most beautiful part of the skin, to create a replica like no one else!

Our Randy Rhoads Python guitar straps are cut to 3 or 3.5 inches wide.  Our snakeskins are always layered over a thicker leather strap, backed with suede and sewn together.  Like all of our straps, this Randy Rhoads replica guitar strap is created to last at least one lifetime.


We have Randy Rhoads replica Python guitar straps in stock in our Regular and Long lengths cut to 3.5 inches wide.  If you would prefer we cut a fresh one for you to a custom length or the 3 inch width, just select that in the drop down box below and we will contact you to get started on your strap!

Randy Rhoads Python Skin Guitar Strap