War Hero Custom Guitar Strap

This custom guitar strap tells the story of Shakey's Hill, and was created for an American Hero .

The story is best told by the Norman Lloyd film,  "Shakey's Hill".

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Our paraphrasing of the story...

In 1970, during the Vietnam War, a battalion of young American soldiers was sent into the jungles of Cambodia to find weapons caches hidden by the North Vietnamese Army. As the battalion closed in on the location of the caches, they encountered increasing North Vietnamese forces. This brave young battalion fought to the death, and their discovery of the massive North Vietnamese caches is considered one of the most successful operations of the American Forces during the Vietnam War.  The battle became infamously known as the taking of “Shakey's Hill”.  The hill was named after the battalion's youngest soldier, who lost his life discovering the first cache.


The man who owns this strap is an American Hero, and his custom guitar strap reflects his participation in the Shakey's Hill operation. 

This strap was commissioned by his son, Tim Hallquist.  It was an honor for us to create, and Tim was incredible to work with!

  War Hero Custom Guitar Strap
  War Hero Custom Guitar Strap
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