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We create the world's most beautiful and unique hand-crafted custom leather guitar straps, guitar straps with name or logo, or much more detailed custom guitar straps that depict your passions.   We also have our own "off the rack" leather guitar strap line, and some kick-ass replica guitar straps in stock and available in our online guitar strap store.  

Our top of the line guitar straps are worn by today's most popular musicians including Keith Richards, Hank Williams Jr., John Fogerty,

Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift and many, many more.  Elton John even ordered one for his sitcom pilot.  

You'll see our guitar straps on numerous music videos, televised events, and in countless concert venues.  

jeridesigns™ guitar straps are heirloom quality, and now we can say they are museum quality, as our guitar straps are currently on display in 2 museums in the United States.

All of our guitar straps are handcrafted in our studios in St. Louis Missouri, and are created to last at least one lifetime!

You'll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing, and our quality is unparalleled!

There is a lot to look at here, so quit messing around, click the guitar strap page links above or below, and get your on!

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